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Nothing much has changed since the Chinese built  the Great Wall . . . until now!  

Port-O-Wall Systems LLC is the originator of the patented technology for manufacturing precast steel-reinforced concrete wall sections featuring a Port in the base of the wall panel.

Our system can be used in varied applications, such as load bearing exterior walls for commercial buildings or retaining walls.  The most popular use has been for highway soundwalls for State Departments of Transportation. Our latest approved designs can even include an integral traffic collision barrier. Some key advantages include:

Superior Finished Product
No "Posts" (as required for post-and-panel)
Extremely Competitive Cost
Design Flexibility Context Sensitivity
Discourages Graffiti
Less Time Required for Installation
Ideal for Jobs with Restricted Clearances
Minimizes Impact on Neighborhood
Reduces Lane Closures
Greatly Improves Worker Safety

Should you have any questions about our system or to discuss your next project in detail, contact us at info@port-o-wall.com. Explore our site for more technical resources and photos of completed projects.

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Port-O-Wall Systems


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